Our Story: Sarah & Sofía

From Manager to Mum: The Journey Behind Bonita Babes

My career trajectory completely changed the moment I became a mother to my daughter and best friend, Sofía. My priorities changed completely, however, when my daughter, Sofía, turned 5 months old, financial pressures, i.e. a mortgage, forced me to return to full-time work as State Manager for an NDIS Organisation; a highly demanding and complex role. I found a daycare close-by my office but leaving her every morning was heart-wrenching, I relied on lunch breaks to breastfeed her, expressing milk at my desk and ate quickly during my commutes. I felt constant guilt and exhaustion as I juggled work and motherhood, often suppressing feelings of self-doubt. I would breastfeed throughout the night, sometimes surviving on only 4 hours of broken sleep, feeling like a whole day had already passed by the time I arrived to work at 8am. Like many working mums, I persevered, and the day I stopped expressing at work and breastfeeding during my lunchbreaks passed quietly, much like any other workday. As Sofía got older, she started to question why I worked so much, crying if I were late to pick her up and pleading with me to stop working. Fast forward, another few highly demanding positions under my belt later, I finally had an opportunity to choose my own career not dictated by a salary and so I decided to combine the things I love the most, my daughter and fashion! 

I've always wanted to dress matching with Sofía and as soon as Sofía started to show an interest in fashion, she wanted to wear my dresses and shoes, use my handbags and go to the salon to get her nails done. I would do my best to coordinate our outfits but I struggled to find any high-quality, fashionable options beyond pyjamas and swimwear. This gap in the market and our shared love for matching outfits inspired me to create something special and so Bonita Babes was founded! 

Bonita Babes is more than just clothing, it's driven by a commitment to creating unforgettable moments with our stylish matching outfits. It's about bringing joy and connection to families everywhere.

Whether you're twinning at home, during special events, or simply for a day out, our collection is designed to make every moment with your children special.

At Bonita Babes, we're not just providing clothing; we're crafting cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Thank you for being part of our journey — twinning is winning, and love is always in style! 

The design process

I've poured my heart into meticulously crafting each item and refining every detail you see in the designs today. I've embroidered two small signature flowers on each design, representing the bond between parent and child. While I currently can't bring my original designs to life with the exact fabrics and prints I envision, your support can make those dreams a reality. With your help, Bonita Babes is poised to evolve into a thoughtfully curated collection of clothing and accessories, with ethical production, using sustainable, high quality fabrics and designs that won't date, staying in your wardrobe for many years to come. I'm excited for you to embrace and cherish our inaugural collection as much as we do!

Make an impact

We are actively seeking partnerships with charitable organisations to allocate a portion of our sales towards impactful causes. If you know a worthy charity, please reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook or by emailing info@bonitababes.com.